Fifteen years ago I tried to convert. I was attending a Chabad schul. The Rabbi was supportive of me coming and learning about Judaism but when I wanted to convert he said: I cannot provide.

I tried three times but I could not succeed. I stopped coming to the schul more due to the disappointment. I was coming from the Christian Orthodox background. I remember this feeling I had while being in schul.... Every single time I was feeling that I come back home and I was having my eyes in tears... Is beyond me... the only way I could explain this is that maybe my soul is Jewish... I do not have anyone in the family Jewish. But I was surprised to find out after a genetic test that my ancestors were also from Ukraine 23% among which 14% were ashkenazi Jews. Maybe this is explaining my emotions and feelings...

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Hi, is it possible to do the Darshan training for the knowledge and wisdom of it, even if we are probably unable to become darshanim due to long-term disability or chronic illness? I'm asking because I definitely have an interest in the program, but if I am required to do field work as part of the program, then I probably cannot do it. Otherwise, I would love to consider it (all things Jewish). I am assuming(?) also that it is self-paced like DY's other programs. Thanks in advance.

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